APPLE WATCH 6 and SE, iPad 8 and Air 4, Fitness+, Apple ONE and iOS 14! CHECK OUT ALL APPLE NEWS!

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Hello everybody on September 15, 2020 there was an Apple event where the company announced several new products but we didn’t have Iphone but had Ipads, Apple Watch and much more.

The event started with Tim Cook who is the current CEO of Apple talking a little about the current situation in which we live, the difficulties that the company goes through not only the company but also us and has already said that today would talk a little about Apple Watch and Ipad kind of leaving the Iphones aside .

Then he started talking about Apple Watchs, explaining all the main features of this new watch mainly related to health since this is the product that has a lot of focus on Fitness and also with health since it has already saved lives, and it tells how the electro cardiogram works and also the detection of fall in all the latest watches released.

New Apple Watchs

What the company separated for us were the new watches, the Apple Watch Series 6 which is an update of the series 5 and also the Apple Watch SE, SE how so? Yes that’s right Apple Watch SE is a version of Series 5 only with reductions, things less, is like a mix between series 4 and series 5, I will talk first about Apple watch series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6

The new watch now comes with 2 new colors that are blue and red and also the companion new pills and yes we will have oximeter that consists in being a system capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood that alhias is recommended to always be above 95%, in about 5 seconds you calculate the oximeter, the most interesting is that Apple Watch 6 from time to time will make this measurement for you, Apart from other things that have been implemented as well as the altimeter that warns you of the altitude and tells you if everything is ok or bad, so basically summing up we already have an improvement for the Apple watch that is already very focused on health Fitness, it is worth mentioning that it is 60% faster than the Actual series 5.

Apple Watch series 6

Talking a little about the new wristbands starting with the solo loop which is a silicone wristband even does not have much difference from the antennas and another bralit solo loop and these were the news in the new Apple Watch series 6 that keeps the same price of the current series 5, the Series 6 costs from $ 399.

Apple Watch SE

About SE now that is the special edition that is the least expensive from Apple, SE model will have the same design of Series 6 that only has a different processor and of course doesn’t comes with SG or Oximeter the price of it starts at 279$ I believe this one will sell a lot.

Apple Fitness Plus

Apple has also announced its newest subscription service called Apple Fitness Plus which is integrated with the new Apple watches but can also be used by most Apple devices such as: Iphone, Apple TV, Mac, Ipad, is like a personal trainer online.

The modalities that are available in this service are: Yoga, bicycle, dance, treadmill training, weight training, stretching, among others including many of these exercises do not need to equip any you do only with the weight of your body itself. This service will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Apple One

Also about services Apple has introduced Apple One which is a company service package that includes Icloud, Apple music, Apple Tv Plus, Apple Music Plus , Apple Arcade and of course Apple Fitness Plus. Apple will offer 30 days for free to test the service, but Apple has not yet said when it will be available just that it will arrive soon.

Ipad Air 4

As expected the new Ipad air brings a new look very similar to the Pro Ipads, it is a semi-pro Ipad, this model has only a rear camera and brings a 10.9 inch screen with a design that will have Tech Id on the top on/off button.

And this Ipad is the first Apple product to have a new A14 graphics chip that has several improvements on paper, in theory, and will also be equipped in the new Iphones very likely, another interesting thing about this Ipad is that it will have the USB type C in place of lightining, it has keyboard support, it also has support for Apple pencil, and started to be sold in October from $599 and that’s all about the new Ipad .

On September 18th Apple starts sending both the Ipads and the watches.

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